What is your ideal pet?

Group of pets sitting in front of white background

Different people, different preferences. It’s like this in pretty much everything, so it’s no wander that the same rule applies to choosing pets. What suits you perfect might be a hassle for someone else and what is a trouble for you is great exercise for another dude. We like to think of you all as responsible and caring individuals, so we’d like to give you some advice on choosing a perfect pet for you. Remember, pets are not toys, and you should get one only if you are sure you can take good care of it and love it the way it deserves.

pets-a-z-comp4Dogs – a man’s best friend, the dog can be a greatest asset to your life if you treat it right. But, be careful. Dogs are animals that tend to require a lot of attention – some breeds more than others, but no matter what you will need to take a portion of your day and dedicate it to them. Dogs need daily walking, feeding and giving water to. And that’s the bare minimum. Some dogs, the ones with heavier coat need to be groomed regularly and shed a lot making a lot of mess wherever they go. Dogs are perfect for active, outdoorsy types that don’t mind walking their dog few times a day.

Cute-Kitten-babies-pets-and-animals-16731266-1600-1200Cats – the most popular kind of pet, ever. Cats are notorious for their independence and traditionally require less attention than dogs, since they can take care of them self in lots of ways. There is no need to walk them, and house cats sometimes don’t ever leave their household. Unless they are some special breed, there is no need for much grooming. They will clean themselves but require a wash every now and then. They are perfect for people that like their pets indoors, and enjoy company of animal that loves attention and care. Cats are very affectionate and can really make your day when they come to pet with you.

pet-rodents.s600x600Rodents – there is a vast group of pets that we’ll just call rodents. Despite their name, they are not awful or ugly – most of them are actually very cute and sweet looking fur balls. Hamsters, rats, gerbils and others are perfect for kids and people that don’t have too much time to attend to their pets, since they live in a terrarium or cage and require feeding once or twice a day and cleaning their life space every week.

exotic_pets_35Reptiles – it’s simple to know if you want a reptile pet – you ether love them or you don’t. If you do love them, be prepared to do some studying. Depending on the kind of pet you get, you will need to get some facts about the snake, lizard on turtle you want to buy. Information about reptiles is usually not general knowledge and they require some special conditions and equipment in order to live long and be healthy. They are great because they don’t make much noise or take much space.